DBC Ambassadors

Are you an influencer or fashion blogger?

Send us an email (dbc@divabitchcouture.com) and tell us about yourself.

Nonja McKenzie.jpg

Nonja Mckenzie

Talk Show Host / Designer / Hollywood Stylist

"@divabitchcouture Thank you for my Skirt from a recycled shirt.

I Love it!"

Jaguar Evermoore

Jaguar Evermoore

Public Figure, Comedian, Singer, Dancer, Rap Artist

"Thank u for making my dress @justin_orenthal_goff!

I absolutely love my beautiful comfortable 

#sundress #eveningdress #custommade






"Seaux much fun shooting this campaign video for @divabitchcouture! Special thanks to @mistergoff for my new fave piece to wear!"

How it works...


You become our fashion reviewer once you join our program. We will call you our "fashion Expert".


We simply ask that:


1. Your blog or social networking account must have a dedicated following.


2. You share your thoughts on our clothing through your social networks. You should take photos of yourself wearing our designs within 7-15 days of you receiving the items, and publish them to your blog, lookbook, instagram, facebook and twitter,etc.


3. We will provide you with your own unique sales link. When you publish the photos, review and comments, please add this link so you can earn $$ commissions from every sale.


4. Please send us an email once you publish your photos and comments.


5. DBC reserves the right to use the information of your post. We may collect photos of your post and related comments. At times, we may use the content. E.g, we may use your photos on our website. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.


That's all! It's easy, right? If you want to join the DBC Ambassador and Affiliate program, please send us a message introducing yourself. Welcome to the Hause of DivaBitch Couture.