Coming Correct with the Corona

Welcome to the official corona lock-down, a worldwide synchronization unlike any in human history.

As the world spins to a minimized standstill, we send our blessings out to all of the patients and families who have been affected by the Coronavirus, and a big thank you to all the nurses, doctors, and public officials in charge of minimizing its impact.

For the rest of us, finding ourselves with more time indoors, we take a moment to reflect on the opportunity of a lifetime.

The planet has been heating. The ecosystem appears scientifically out of balance yet in our hustle and bustle we haven’t been able to change our course. We’ve pegged goals to achieve and changes to make, but excuses keep piling up and targets keep getting missed. Though equally true for our global civilization as it is for many of us as individuals, it is soothing to know that momentum, more than anything, may be the ultimate culprit.

Trapped in the cycle of our weekly routines, this virus has brought us a gift we were unable to give to ourselves; Disruption.

Times of crisis are often the catalyst for innovation, transformation, and new opportunities. An abrupt change of pace usually reveals a diamond in the rough; the gem of a new perspective.

Time has shifted and priorities have changed. The virus has been a humbling force, reminding us of how minuscule our problems are and how little control we have over the big picture. While illuminating our systemic vulnerabilities, the outbreak also helps us to understand how intimately connected we are, and how prepared we can be for anything that arises... if we work together.

A crisis passes through with a wake of sweeping changes. It pushes our systems to the test, exposes our weaknesses and brings light to our strengths. It is a time to shine for some, and a time of quiet for others. A deep quieting of life that a part of us has always longed for, though we never made space for. Now, it’s finally here. What will you make of it?

The Corona lock-down is a global wake up call. It has impacted every industry from retail to travel, manufacturing, healthcare, and everything in between. All of our lives have been or will be altered in some way. This is a revolutionary time where some may choose to live in fear of an uncertain future, while others will seize this opportunity as a time to transform.

For the moment, we find ourselves with more time alone, or more time together. This is the opportunity to go inwards, reflect on who we are as individuals, families, companies, and countries. It gives us the silence to be clear in communication with ourselves, and with those in our inner circles. In this peaceful state, we can decipher what we wish to become, and set down a new path.

In the race of life, our dreams may remain distant; some far off vision of a future life. We never have the downtime to narrow in on our inspirations, clarify abstract thoughts into true desires, and calculate plans for their realization.

In the cycle of status quo, life passes us by and we wonder why we never got to our bucket list. Why we never had the chance to check off our ambitious desires for new skills, new experiences, better relationships, and wild fantasies.

Now, we are blessed with a moment to listen. A moment to give our undivided attention to the inner voice that says, “THIS is what you want. THIS is who you want to be. THIS is what you want to do. THIS is why you want it and THIS is what you can do to get it!”

Now, we have an opportunity to reclaim our mind from the daily grind, and become humans of a better kind.

@justin_orenthal_goff (DBC Founder)

One thing I love about having a company like @divabitchcouture is we stand for our planet and the people that live on it. 🌎❤️ I love you guys!!!! Who do you want to be today? Tomorrow? It’s a chance to reflect and go inside. Then push to re emerge as something and someone new. Don’t live in Fear. You're all in my prayers 🙏🏾. Xoxo - JOG

Maybe this period of time will prove to be a golden link in the development of our civilization. A crisis that finally slows the global pace enough for us to refine our priorities and revolutionize our way of being.

Maybe, when we get back to the office, when we turn the main burners of society back on, when we fill the classrooms, empty the hospitals, and prioritize what’s truly important in politics… we can do so in a way that makes common sense. We can do so in a way that gives each of us the best chance of fulfilling our dreams. We can invest in the creation of a worldwide peace state that utilizes our abundant resources for a healthier and healthier future.

We know this is possible, it’s simply a matter of connected organization; redesigning industries for the greater good, and eliminating the imbalances which poison our environments and mindsets.

The worldwide corona headline is an opportunity for everyone to get on the same wavelength and paint a beautiful picture of change. To transform ourselves, align with a new shared purpose, and put trade wars, political bouts and military might aside (even for a moment) to remember what’s truly important; the welfare of our people and every being on the planet.

When we reemerge from the lock-down, may we do so with the values of peace, equality, and unity consciousness at the core of our future global endeavors.

We wish everyone a very safe break and all the courage you will need to redefine yourself and transform into the most wonderful, authentic, vision of your dreams.

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