Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The DBC Dress Shirt Dress is exactly what it sounds like…..Dress Shirts, transformed into Dresses.

The world is overpopulated with incredible dress shirts lying dormant in retail stores, warehouses, behind closet doors and tucked away in forgotten boxes. Beautiful fabrics, designer cuts, detailed buttons, collars, and colors. Dress shirts who were destined for greatness and never had their chance to shine.

The average American will toss out 81 pounds of clothing this year, while millions of garments are wasted without ever being sold.

To protect our planet from the decay of shirts locked away and landfills teeming with artistry never activated, DBC searches out the most favorable fabrics we can find, and redesigns them into one of a kind garments. Sustainable style for the future.

The beauty of DBC’s Dress Shirt Dresses is that any dress shirt can be elevated into a fashion forward statement, for women or for men. The world is changing, style is evolving, and the lines are being blurred.

DBC creates all different lengths and styles of dress shirts, from short cocktail dresses to long, flowing wedding attire. (Our Wedding Collection is made from Tuxedo Shirts lending them authenticity and the fulfillment of their original purpose).

As with our upcycled denim skirt line, using finished clothing as the raw materials in our design process eliminates the need to produce new things. In this manner, DBC uses no natural resources and gives our planet the opportunity to renew it’s reserves. Other than washing the garments, we use no additional water to treat or dye the fabrics, favoring instead to highlight the individual characteristics of each dress shirt in the design process. The result is one of a kind Dress Shirt Dress fit for any occasion, abolishing fashion rules from the past, and blazing a new trail of fashion freedom forwards

The first time you adorn a DBC Dress Shirt Dress, it will feel like no other garment you’ve ever tried on. The balanced weight and flow of the fabric will astound you. If will empower you with self-confidence, and you’re going to need it, as the Dress Shirt Dress demands attention from every angle.

Whatever style is your favorite, the DBC Dress Shirt Dress is a true representation of couture upcycle design. More comfortable than you can ever imagine, each piece may be worn dozens of different ways, allowing the wearer to tweak and twirl their unique design into a reflection of their stylish self.

A true DivaBitch is one who cares for the planet and consciously dresses as their authentic selves. The DBC Dress Shirt Dress is a true representation of a conscious culture that seeks the unique expression of each individual.

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