DBC Founder's Interview

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

What is a DivaBitch?

Joseph Muzzin (JM): A DivaBitch is a freedom of being. Expressing oneself authentically, purposefully, and with style.

Justin Orenthal Goff (JOG): A DivaBitch is someone that stands up for our planet. A person that looks after his or her planet, as well as other’s on the planet.

What is DBC’s most important message?

JM: We are on the brink of pollution overload, and we are also on the edge of a renewable, abundant experience on the planet. For the first time in history, we have the power to choose which path we end up on with our choices over the next 5 years. 1) Set a new standard that will serve us for years to come, or 2) slide down the unsustainable path of familiarity, convenience and comfort, which will end up not so comfortable and not so convenient.

JOG: DBC’s most important message is to remain conscious of the constantly changing world around us.

What does DivaBitch Couture stand for?

JM: DBC stands for originality, the progression of style, and the exploration of our individuality.

JOG: DBC stands for 'Diverse Becoming Conscious'.

Who is DBC’s audience?

JM: DBC’s audience are fashion lovers, art lovers, color lovers and ‘feelers”. Conscious individuals who care about our atmosphere, understand our impact and embrace our responsbilities.

JOG: DBC’s audience is anyone that believes in the ever changing universe we operate in.

What does DBC give to their customers? What do they get?

JM: DBC strives to provide inspiring fashions, innovative cuts and creativity, imaginations of fashion forward style. We’re based on the revolution of pollution into product, and our endless mission is to clean and beautify the planet.

JOG: DBC gives our audience a sense of understanding that the world is changing, and we are a part of the evolution.

How will our mission benefit the broader community?

JM: Everyone desires clean health. Clear air, nutritious land, healthy drinking water and an abundance of natural resources.

JOG: I think through communication. We all need to be in better communication with each other. Our mission is do better, be better, and to become better.

How do you see the future?

JM: I see people making an effort to better understand one another. To share their perspecties and opinions, balanced with a genuine desire to understand and appreciate the perspective of another. On a mass scale, this will eliminate judgement and make way for the peaceful expression of every individual, and a harmonic realtionship with our eco system.

JOG: I see the future as a place that will get better at a lot of things, fast, and I also see us letting go of things that no longer serve us.

Describe the inspiration for your unique designs:

JM: You’ll have to ask the designer.

JOG: The inspiration for the designs comes from just knowing that the universe is constantly evolving. It plays into the effect of the bias cut of the garments.

What is DBC bringing to the world of fashion?

JM: Color, complexity, shape, flow, personality, and originality.

JOG: Sustainability, evolution, consciousness.

What is DBC bringing to the world beyond fashion?

JM: Freedom of expression. A conscous reflection of values and character.

JOG: A new way of life. Just be being able to re-associate yourself with clothes on another level.

Any last words?

JM: Respect the DivaBitch.

JOG: Find ways to create.

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