Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Originally known as Peeper’s, the DBC ‘It’s So Kimmie’ Denim Skirt Collection is one of our favorite contributions to cleaning up the planet.

It takes over 2000 gallons of water to produce a single pair of jeans. From growing the cotton to manufacturing the denim, from dying the fabrics to sewing and shipping, there is an elongated story behind every pair of jeans.

There’s a story sharing how every unique pair of jeans was originally designed, stitch by stitch, pattern by pattern, pocket to pocket. There is a great amount of detail, love, and care that goes into every single pair of jeans. It’s a shame and a disgrace to see any denim go to waste.

DBC ‘It’s So Kimmie’ Denim Skirts are created from all different types of jeans. We design our skirts from brand new, never worn premium denim jeans. We also create skirts from lightly worn pairs of designer jeans, including Seven, Levi’s, Lee, and more. Every pair of jeans is unique, with its own characteristics, recaptured and redesigned through our signature upcycle designs.

Every skirt is cut on the bias, meaning that our in-house couturiers hand cut across the fabric, giving each skirt a unique pattern. Every single ‘It’s So Kimmie’ skirt is a one of a kind, no other like it on the planet. Every piece is a true work of art, transforming traditional jeans into couture, cascading denim skirts.

What makes the ‘It’s So Kimmie’s’ special, other than their contribution to the environment, is the multi-dimensional structure and flow. The magic of our upcycle design gives each skirt a unique shape, the look of effortless motion, even when standing still. Each skirt forms to the wearer, flashes just the right amount of skin for just the right amount of time, flowing seamlessly into a new form as the wearer takes a step, a jump, or a dance move in the other direction.

The skirts are not to be pulled up like pants. They are to be delicately dived into, over the head, and down onto the hips. Here, the ‘It’s So Kimmie’ sits comfortably, perfect for any occasion. Every ‘It’s So Kimmie’ is a true one of a kind, versatile, curvaceous, and forever fashion forward.

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