DBC TEE Collection

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Every shirt tells from a story. DBC Tees represent significant moments along our journey, whether a memorable milestone or inspiring scene.

In the age of electronics and imitation, DBC Tees reflect a raw artistry that can only be captured from the magic of real life.

The DBC Graffiti Tee

The DBC Graffiti Tee was captured during our first official photography campaign. It was the first time we hired a professional photographer and model to represent the line. DBC Founder Mister Goff led everyone to a secret location in Echo Park, Los Angeles; a place he rode his bike passed every day for 3 years.

We were hidden away in the crevices of this lightly traveled mountain path. It was private, shaded, and covered with beautiful layers of aged graffiti.

The photographs we captured were used to launch our brand and the DBC Graffiti Tee became our first official Signature Tee. What makes this design so special is the textured, layered art. The colors and divots and crumbling stone wall weren’t placed there with a computer, each brick has its own history.

This design will always remind us of our humble beginnings and a special day recalling the first mark DivaBitch Couture ever made in the world.

The DBC Owl N' Tree Tee

The first DBC Upcycle Collection was photographed in Santa Clarita, California. We were on site in a gorgeous wooded area. There were no cars around, or people for that matter. We shared the open forest with century old trees and all kinds of animals (dogs, cats, coyotes, birds, bats, and everything in between), but the one animal we never saw was an owl.

One day, Mister Goff made the comment, "We haven’t seen any owls around here." Around 5am the next morning, our crew was woken up by the screeching call of the wild. We went outside to see what was making all the noise, and low and behold there was an owl calling out to us. Sitting on a comfortable branch in one of the tallest trees, there he (or she) sat, staring directly at us, silencing the screeching as soon as he (or she) had our attention.

We stared at one another for a long time, basking in the glory of this beautiful bird and marveling at the scene in front of us. It was a magical moment, conjured by an innocent comment.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, Mister Goff pulled out the camera and captured the moment himself, face to face, with the now silent creature. It stared at us for hours, and not until Mister Goff drove passed it, down and around and off the property, did the owl follow with it’s gaze, giving our crew a view of the back of its head. The front and back photos were the perfect design for our Owl N' Tree Tee.

The DBC Bug Bee Love Tee

DBC moved from California to Las Vegas where we found true love, though it wasn’t the type you might expect. Preparing for our first poolside fashion show, with a sunset-lit Las Vegas strip in the background, DBC co-founder Joseph Muzzin stumbled across a unique love story in the making.

In the midst of a blossoming Mexican Bird of Paradise, Joseph noticed a bug, and a bee, sitting peacefully, sharing the gorgeous hangout. Before the fashion show kicked off, Joseph captured the moment to remember the momentous day of our first private fashion show. This moment forever reminds us that we may each look different, but it doesn’t mean we can’t share the same space or fall in love with the unexpected.

DBC Peeper's Tee

Along the journey, we have been inspired by many artists and creative beings contributing their gifts to the world. One of the artists Mister Goff will always remember is a Swiss Designer named Mykel Romero.

Before DBC was created and before the term ‘upcycle’ was in vogue, Mister Goff was perfecting his craft, cutting and sewing jeans into skirts. Back then, he called his unique skirt designs ‘Peepers’. He was an independent artist, singing and sewing his way through the inspiring landscapes of LA and New York.

MyKel gifted Mister Goff an entire curtain of fabric covered in hand drawings. Through this artistic keepsake, Peeper’s will forever be remembered as the original design that birthed the DivaBitch Couture Upcycle Collection. The DBC Peeper’s Tee was created from this curtain, reflecting the raw artistry and spirit of giving between aspiring artist’s.

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