Our Clothing

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

DivaBitch Couture (DBC) creates one of a kind, upcycle designs.

We source gorgeous garments from all over the world, some brand new, while others are lightly used and looking for new life. We deconstruct, redesign, recut and resew these items into more desirable fashions for the future.

All DBC upcycle designs are handmade by our experienced team of in-house couturiers. Our detailed designs reflect the authentic workmanship and creative artistry that goes into every piece.

Paying homage to the craft of haute couture dressmaking, every DBC upcycle design is hand-cut on the bias, creating true one of a kind designs, and transforming once ordinary fashions into extraordinary fashion statements.

Upcycling is also an art, promoting a shift back to unique, one-off products, giving the wearer a stronger sense of individuality and identity.

By redesigning clothing that already exists, we eliminate pollution from the production of new things, renew natural resources, and prevent the buildup of textile waste. Upcycle design is the true essence of sustainable fashion.

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