Our Mission

Updated: Sep 18, 2019


The fast fashion industry is destroying our planet. Global textile production has doubled in the past 15 years, leading to polluted waterways, toxic air, exhausted resources and unusable land.

The disposal of old products is just as costly to the environment as the manufacturing of new ones. 50% of all new clothing ends up in a landfill within one year of being made.

The average US family throws out 80 lbs of clothing every year.

7 trillion litres of water are consumed on an annual basis in order to meet global textile demands. In less than 10 years, traditional fashion companies will be unable to produce new clothing at the same alarming rate. These habits are leading to the collapse of our ecosystem, and this problem will get worse as the world’s population swells to eight billion and beyond.

Mountains of textile waste tower over landfills across the world leaking hazardous chemicals into our streams, rivers and oceans.....while our planet is running out of clean drinking water.


DBC is a couture upcycle fashion line created to renew the health of our planet.

Upcycling uses existing items to design new products, rather than producing new things. This means fewer goods need to be manufactured, reducing energy and water consumption and conserving our natural resources.

Upcycling creates less garbage, decreasing the amount of waste going into landfills. It extends the lifetime of clothing, promoting sustainability, innovation, and creativity.

The need to upcycle is more imperative than ever and DBC's signature upcycle designs present an ideal way to address climate change on a grand, beautiful scale.

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