The Future of Fashion

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The future of fashion holds something special for everyone. Fashion’s role has changed over the course of history, but its essence remains the same. The many roles of fashion include protection, warmth, comfort, functionality, art, and reflection of self.

Fashion plays a role in identity and self-awareness, reflecting the inner desires of the individual. Fashion helps to expand our perception of self and inspire others through artistry, creativity, quality of design and craftsmanship.

Miuccia Prada once said:

“I like to create things that appear attractive, easy, but that afterward—depending on the culture of the person—will make the wearer feel something else,” she says. “The sophisticated person looks at everything. Someone superficial gets only the facade.”

Fashion reflects the ability to deliver beauty, but also a deeper message for those who care to discover it.

The future of fashion will continue to elevate the very concept of what humanity is. It will introduce new benefits that clothing can provide, including the role of making us feel good and extending our ability to connect with one another.

If we run out of materials to build with, we can’t create. If we have no usable, fruitful land that replenishes itself and provides us with nourishing resources, we can’t progress. It’s up to us to manage the gifts that we’ve been given on the planet and progress responsibility, always conscious of our give and take with mother nature. What are we using and what are we producing? What are making today, and what are we saving for tomorrow?

The future of fashion is fascinating. It rests with designers who lead rather than follow with ingenious ideas, shapes, colors and lines. The future of fashion relies on designers who are truly free.

Fashion’s great movers and shakers, its true forward-thinkers, are embracing the new uncertainty and challenging the old boundaries. It’s not a case of destroying traditions, it is an acknowledgment that evolution, perhaps, isn’t enough—revolution is the only way to jolt us out of complacency.

We are in a sustainable fashion revolution. DBC creates one of a kind couture upcycle designs to bring a progressive change to the fashion industry. These garments ignite a consciousness that stimulates a need in people to act, and be a part of the change.

There are no limits to how we can express ourselves and inspire others in the future. Success simply relies on the creation of a sustainable foundation that will renew us as we consciously progress into the unknown.

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