True Artistry: Remembering Whitney Houston and Alexander McQueen

February 11th marks the day of passing of two of the greatest artists of all time, Whitney Houston and Alexander Queen. Whitney was 47. Alexander was only 40.

These icons were world-class artists, original talents who could hold their own against any legend from any era. Why?

Whitney’s music touched our souls. It touched our hearts, made us dance, made us smile and made us contemplate her pain, as well as our own. Whitney helped us to express ourselves, awakening feelings we never knew we had, and her art will continue to nurture us through life.

An artist's expression of true passion, from an honest place, lasts a lifetime, and beyond.

Alexander McQueen was a magician. A prodigy from an early age, hellbent on seeing his creations come to life. Regardless of the emotions he was feeling, Alexander was determined to share them through his art. Whether his collections showcased glamour, inner turmoil, or even his own public death, he brilliantly captivated the minds of others by being true to his own.

McQueen’s iconic portrayal of the painting robots is case in point. The idea itself borne from a place a pure genius; expressing raw emotion through a medium most relevant to the times. He communicated passion in a way that deeply connected with each viewer, though uniquely interpreted by each.

True artistry helps us turn peacefully inward and feel what is there.

Alexander was so precise with his artistry, with the deliverance of his emotions, that he demanded to control one of the robots so that it portrayed the true essence of his passion, the honest expression of his soul.

The longing for this uninhibited emotion, the search for higher meaning is part of the artist’s never-ending journey. It brings light to their experiences, their knowledge, their mistakes, and the lens through which they view life itself.

In today’s world we have unlimited access to new information, but is too much exposure detrimental to the discovery of our inner artist? Are we ignoring our inner genius by consistently looking outward, reacting to reactions, creating for someone else and judging our success based on the merits others provide?

When we lose balance, we lose. If we are constantly looking at what others are doing, we may lose a sense of ourselves. If we are constantly analyzing and judging ourselves, we may lose our connection to others.

Why did these two brilliant talents, natural lovers and tortured souls have to leave us so soon? Why is it that to be a true artist, one must seemingly endure so much hardship? Is it merely the impossibly high standards they set for themselves, dedicated to a path of constant growth and improvement so that others can share in the elegance of their medium?

Despite many obstacles, these two superstars were courageous enough to let their talents shine, stay authentic in their craft and create masterpiece after masterpiece that will always raise our vibrations. True artistry stays with us forever, and these were two of the most talented, authentic artists that ever graced this earth.

In their honor, DBC salutes all true DivaBitches that have the courage to explore their entire selves. Those who search for the artist within and express what they find, unfiltered. Those who welcome growth, never settle for less than their best, and know when to use their powers.

Thank you to the greats who remind us that we are limitless, that we don’t have to think, act, sing, or sew like those before us. We can be who we are, use what we’ve learned, and inspire the future with our artistry today.

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