DBC Beardo Dress

DBC Beardo Dress

This one of a kind dress was designed, cut, and sewn by couturier Mister Justin Orenthal Goff.


This spectacular piece of art features a signature DBC Beardo T-shirt. The sleeves feature a black mesh and the layers bellow down in a biased cut, starting with a stretch spandex allowing more room for signature body curvage. The dress cascades in an evolution of silks, parachute fabrics, zebra prints, black lace, white cotton and and blue cotton fabrics. This dress also features an embroidered gold owl, synchronizing with the gold shimmer trim at the bottom.


This goddess dress is perfect for working magic spells, and being guilty of being seen as the 'only' girl in the room.


The dress is best suited for sizes 4 - 8.